22 09 2011

SUNN O))) interview for La Republica Italy



<<Answered by e-mail this evening>>
1. Your gig in Turin is inscribed in the context of a festival about
"spirituality". And which way can we
consider your music "spiritual" in? Is it for your monks like costumes
and ritualistic movements on stage?
Music is the grail of spirituality.

2. You will play in an old building that was the main prison in Turin.
Does this particular location inspire you in some way?
I wonder which corrupt politicians lived there.

3. Which is Sunn O)))'s line up for this italian tour? Will Attila
Csihar be with the band? And which part of your repertoire will you
Indeed he will, as will the mystic TOS from Amsterdam.

4. Is it true that festival direction's asked you to state that you're
not "satanists"?
Did you vote for Burlesconi?
I didnt vote for Bush, Bush Jr, Sarkozy or Obama. Thank god.

5. You're renowned for the huge volume of live performances. Which
reason do you play so loud for?
Physical experience and crossing of senses.

6. Some years ago, a New York Times' columnist called your music
"heady metal". Is it a definition that you accept and/or approve?
The media is always cheap and fast.

7. Are you working on new material these days? Is there a new Sunn
O)))'s album on the horizon?
There are many unfinished works but no clarity about a new album at this time.



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