30 12 2012

SUNMACHINE - Sonic Devices, Allemagne








Came across this botique effects creator from Berlin recently. 

Much homage to the O))). Love the look of the zombie pedals!

Havent tried these out myself, or even heard them. One description...

"FUZZ O))): A while ago a customer asked for a device that would bring him close to the monolithic Sound of drone legend SUNN O))). I suggested some pedals and we agreed on a dark meathead. After some minor changes to the original circuit, the implementation of a low pass filter and three switchable input caps (dark and deluxe specs + ultra evil) which increase the amount of low end let through the circuit, I found the outcome to be quite convincing. At least it does sound like a southern-lord-in-a-box ..."


Guess this is a disclosure moment; my secret O))) formula: TB1000S (.74 string on bottom, drop A tuning) + TUNER via phase wizard + Keeley Mod Rats + NOS TOS APPROVED TUBES (in vintage O))) Model Ts) + 30w speakers in custom 412 cabinets (x3) (+1 Ameg SVT VR amp & 810 sidecar).

Thanks to all gear nerds out there.


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