04 01 2010

SOMA "Year End Music Exchange Network" MP3 compilation


Was recently invited to make a comp of music we were listening to in 2009. Decided to put it all online for the Ideologic readers... apparently I have unlimited bandwidth so please download away (for review and noncommercial purposes only).

"Some 2009 (and prior) related music I like to listen to when Im at home during the afternoon, in a playlist that may be enjoyable for others"
Justin Foley's Year End Music Exchange Network compilation
4th January 2010

45 tracks/ 7.4 hrs / 854.5mb

1: waiting/ 2:10/ abercrombie holland dejohnette / gateway
2: back-woods song/ 7:51/ abercrombie holland dejohnette/ gateway
3: may dance / 11:01/ abercrombie holland dejohnette/ gateway
4: Jor - Jala/ 12:59/ Imrat Khan/ Raga Marwa
5: Xenakis: Embellie/ 8:24/ Garth Knox/ Xenakis: Chamber Music, 1955-90 [Disc 1]
6: harryphonies.epsilon/ 19:08/ Iancu Dumitrescu/ Pierres Sacrees
7: Meter Reading/ 4:08/ BJ Nilsen/ The Invisible City
8: Silencés Traverses Des Mondes Et Des Anges/ 9:33/ Mika Vainio/ Black Telephone Of Matter
9: Girl With The Silver Eyes/ 9:41/ Oren Ambarchi/ Grapes From The Estate
10: s1/ 19:37/ Robert Fripp & Brian Eno/ Air Structures
11: s2/ 20:09/ Robert Fripp & Brian Eno/ Air Structures
12: s3/ 18:27/ Robert Fripp & Brian Eno/ Air Structures
13: s4/ 16:27/ Robert Fripp & Brian Eno/ Air Structures
14: Moon In June/ 19:08/ Soft Machine/ Third
15: Celebration/ 6:13/ Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter/ The Tempest
16: You Never Came/ 5:35/ Grouper/ Cover The Windows And The Walls
17: One Too Many/ 7:43/ Menace Ruine/ The Die is Cast
18: Leucocyte: I. Ab Initio/ 8:51/ Esbjörn Svensson Trio/ Leucocyte
19: Leucocyte: II. Ad Interim/ 1:01/ Esbjörn Svensson Trio/ Leucocyte
20: Leucocyte: III. Ad Mortem/ 13:08/ Esbjörn Svensson Trio/ Leucocyte
21: Leucocyte: IV. Ad Infinitum/ 4:39/ Esbjörn Svensson Trio/ Leucocyte
22: John Fahey & Jim O'Rourke Live/ 34:49/ John Fahey & Jim O'Rourke Live at WNUR Studios
23: Melt Dynamics/ 15:02/ Fermentæ//ZIZ
24: Jenisej/ 32:28/ Jenisej/ s/t
25: Prologue (1976) Para Viola Sola./ 15:28/ ASKO, WDR SO Köln, Stefan Asbury/ Grisey Les Espaces Acoustiques
26: Pêriodes (1974) Pour 7 Musiciens/ 15:28/ ASKO, WDR SO Köln, Stefan Asbury/ Grisey Les Espaces Acoustiques
27: Partiels (1975), Pour 18 Musiciens/ 22:02/ ASKO, WDR SO Köln, Stefan Asbury/ Grisey Les Espaces Acoustiques
28: Modulations (1976-77), Por 33 Musiciens/ 16:11/ ASKO, WDR SO Köln, Stefan Asbury/ Grisey Les Espaces Acoustiques
29: Transistoires (1980-81), Pour Grand Orchestre/ 19:53/ ASKO, WDR SO Köln, Stefan Asbury/ Grisey Les Espaces Acoustiques
30: Epilogue (1985), Pour 4 Cors Soli Et Grand Orchestre/ 8:03/ ASKO, WDR SO Köln, Stefan Asbury/ Grisey Les Espaces Acoustiques
31: Prelude/ 1:00/ Nico/ The Marble Index
32: Lawns Of Dawn/ 3:12/ Nico/ The Marble Index
33: No One Is There/ 3:37/ Nico/ The Marble Index
34: Ari's Song/ 3:22/ Nico/ The Marble Index
35: Facing The Wind/ 4:56/ Nico/ The Marble Index
36: Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie)/ 5:03/ Nico/ The Marble Index
37: Frozen Warnings/ 4:03/ Nico/ The Marble Index
38: Evening Of Light/ 5:40/ Nico/ The Marble Index
39: Roses In The Snow/ 4:10/ Nico/ The Marble Index
40: Nibelungen/ 2:44/ Nico/ The Marble Index

(and the ginger/lemon)
41: Murder/ 0:21/ Vaccine/ Demo
42: Family/ 0:31/ Vaccine/ Demo
43: Clear/ 0:35/ Vaccine/ Demo
44: Ward Of The State/ 0:17/ Vaccine/ Demo
45: Rat Race/ 0:29/ Vaccine/ Demo

Response to Justin Foley (The Austery Program). Request was for a compilation outlined below:

A good friend of mine does a CD exchange every year where people put together their own disc a sampler of favorite stuff released that year. It's great except for 3 things:

Most of the 20 or so people who participate all like almost the same music.
That is not the type of music I like.
I suspect that just about none of them like the type of music I do.

So they're all swapping Vashti and the Arcade Fire and ignoring the discs I send with Shitmat (awesome).

I want to do the same thing with people I suspect have a really excellent/broad taste in music that I would probably be interested in hearing. Some of the people I'm sending this to I know well, others I only sorta know. Still, I figure I'd love to hear what you've been listening to for the past year. Interested? Here's what it would mean:

You pull together your own best of 2008 CD. Preferably stuff released this year but if you've been on some great mining journey of years past, what the hell? Some time before, say, Jan 31, you send it to me. Physical CD or some uploading scheme, I dot care. I pull together all of the CDs and upload them to a site yousendit or something like that. The link is emailed back to you. You download it and have a bunch of music to listen to.

Interested? Tell me in the next week or so."


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