14 01 2010

SOMA: NYC art trolling results Jan 2009






We have been wandering around NY all week looking at things. Here are the results of our interests, and recommendations.

The White Ribbon (Hanecke early 20th century moralistic, disturbing and beautiful mystery)
Sweetgrass (Montana shepherd documentary, madness and noise in paradise. Nice cut up editing on the sound)

Exquisite Costume
Hospital Productions
Santa Maria Novella
Ceci Cela Cafe
Omen (graci Rosie)
Forbidden Planet/Strand (Alan Moore restock)
Bess (How much can a studded item cost?)
Heathers (20 minute DJCVMNSKL, sorry about that, fuck you Apple. Good times)
various vegetarian dumplings sub-Canal

Xenakis at Drawing Center Wooster/Grand (Mindbending and essential, invigorating, amusing)
Anthony McCall at Sean Kelly W29th (Beautiful, entertaining "solid light" w/ D. Grubbs audio)
1960s-70s California Minimalism groupshow at David Zwirner W19th (Never enough molded obelisques)
Jeffrey Vallance at Bonakdar W21st (Best piece descriptions, great stories and obsessive presentation of null)
Roni Horn at Whitney (Back of head bird portraits, more molded/cast large objects, delicate/collages and meticulously diagrammed waves)

Great stuff, NY!


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