28 08 2014

SLAYER's JMPs, where are they now? p. 130 from MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW, pic: Harald Oimoen, 08/19/1984


Those are the legendary Slayer JMPs... Where are they now? 


“Murder in the Front Row captures the true essence of thrash metal in its embryonic stage."—Dave Lombardo, Slayer

“The definitive story of the scene and what we managed to make of it here in the Bay Area.”—Kirk Hammett, Metallica

MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW, by Harald Oimoen and Brian Lew, is a stunning collection over 400 color and black-and-white photos of the birth of thrash metal in San Francisco, capturing historic moments including the earliest shows by Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth, and events such as the first night Slayer met the young members of Metallica. The book also includes passionate personal accounts by Bay Area veterans Harald Oimoen, Brian Lew, Ron Quintana of Metal Mania, Gary Holt of Exodus, Alex Skolnick of Testament, and Robb Flynn of Vio-lence/Machine Head. From DIY origins to world domination, the Bay Area thrash metal scene screams to life in these fearless pages.


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