07 10 2014

Scott Walker + SUNN O))) "Soused 2xLP & ltd tshirt available directly from SUNN O)))




SUNN O))) are proud to be able to offer the new Scott Walker + SUNN O))) "Soused" 2xLP to our US based supporters directly via SUNN O)))s own webstore. The album has a gatefold tip on sleeve with matte lamination, two LPs pressed on 180gm black vinyl, black padded innerbags and is housed in a thick plastic sleeve for posterity. The vinyl release also comes with a digital download code. 4AD did a great job fullfilling our requests on the packaging.

You can pick it up here:

Scott Walker + SUNN O))) "Soused" 2xLP http://sunn.southernlord.com/products/view/scott-walker-sunn-o-“soused-2xlp

Each order of the 2xLP directly from SUNN O))) will also include a "scott O)))" sticker while supplies last.

Also, we have an exclusive package, only available via SUNN O)))s webstore, where you can pick up the 2xLP and a limited edition "scott O)))" tshirt design together for one price. This tshirt was originally printed in a very small quantity (50) by SUNN O))) and 4AD as a promotional item for the people involved with the record production and at the label. We wanted to reprint it and offer it for our SUNN O))) supporters at this time as well. This shirt will not be available on it's own, only as a pairing with the 2xLP.

You can pick it up here

Scott Walker + SUNN O))) "Soused" 2xLP & "scott O)))" tshirt together http://sunn.southernlord.com/products/view/scott-walker-sunn-o-soused-2xlp-sco-tt-tshirt

Each order of the 2xLP & tshirt directly from SUNN O))) will also include a "scott O)))" sticker while supplies last.

These preorders will be fullfilled by Los Angeles SOUTHERN LORD offices (as with all SUNN O))) webstore orders), and will not be offered via the European SLR site at this time.


"Soused" has been such an incredible and powerful project to be involved in. It's a challenging listen, we hope that you enjoy and appreciate that challenge, and the evolution of that over repetition. It's a generous album and blossoms over time revealing many beautiful, strange and compelling aspects.

Thanks to every single one of you for your support! We are grateful and appreciative for that loyalty and belief in our work.

–SUNN O)))


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