17 11 2013

RIP Marianne Séjourné aka LSK



Sad news learned today.

Our friend Marianne Séjourné (aka LSK,Hellsukkubus) passed away October 23 2013 at the age of 36.

Marianne was an inspired and relentless musician, and served as the bassist for several French black metal bands (HELL MILITIA, ANTAEUS, SECRETS OF THE MOON and VORKREIST among them) during her time on this plane of existence.

Marianne Séjourné was a prominent female musician in the French and European black and extreme metal scene. An incredible and heartbreaking loss, Marianne was a inspiration for all metal musicians, male and female alike. On a personal level, we had an adventure driving back to Paris in the middle of the night from 2010 Roadburn festival, escaping the hundreds of bearded, longhaired Eyjafjallajökull refugees in Tilburg. She was a brilliant and talented woman with an unpredictable, unhinged and severe edge.

Rest in peace, you were far too young to pass.


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