28 06 2004



What does the future hold for you, as far as Bathory is concerned ? It seems that you are anxious to « broaden your horizons » as was evident on your solo effort ? What drove you to release this ?

- I really don’t have any other plans for the next six months other than to complete the new material for the Bathory album in 1995 and I already have five written so far since we completed the mixing of the last one ( « Requiem » due out in October ). So in March or April I hope to be able to go into the studio once again for yet another even more brutal and powerful album. Of course I also hope to be able to get a job as soon as possible and find myself a flat ( apartment ) in Stockholm. The feeling you need to broaden your mind comes and goes in waves and the reason for the solo album to be written recorded and released was that I needed to get back to rock and roll again. I had taken Bathory to a certain stage with songs winding up at around fifteen minutes and with this great symphonic sound to it which was really just painting myself and Bathory into a corner. Everything you wrote had to fit a certain pattern and sound . I was having no more ideas and felt I had covered all grounds to be covered with Bathory. Nothing more could be done. So I needed some time off from Bathory and had a lot of people convincing me to start to think of a solo album since they realized that I wrote a lot of music that sometimes didn’t just fit within under the sort of Bathory umbrella. The solo album was written by me, played by me, mixed by me, produced by me and released for me only. I had no intention of quitting Bathory or trying to sell out or anything of that sort. I simply just needed to do rock and roll basically. I never had people believing it to be the future or to be a Bathory album and never used Bathory’s name or fame or whatever to promote the album but of course people would pay more attention to what you had done with Bathory than what you actually had just done by yourself.

Any chance of a tour ? As far as timing is concerned currently would be perfect, especially in Europe. You could really cash in...

- A lot of people say the same thing that I could make a million bucks literally if I would take Bathory out on the road right now. But I am not a performer and hate concerts... especially nowadays when an audience seem to pay more attention to climbing up on stage and try to reach the nineteenth row by jumping like a bird shit in the air, fucking silly. No way I am taking Bathory out on the road today or tomorrow.

You have played a few live shows ( in Stockholm and N.Y.C. )... why the lack of this over the years ? Describe a perfect Bathory performance to us unfortunates...

- I didn’t know we played Stockholm and New York... that was a complete surprise to me and I only formed the band and have remained the only original member since February 1983. Actually the reason why we never played here at home in Stockholm was the complete lack of places to play. There was no rock scene here at the time not until Europe had a hit or two and then everybody was gonna look like and sound like them over here which made it just about impossible to find suitable members for a band like Bathory whenever I needed a new bass player or drummer. Huge member problems, lack of a local rock scene and my fading interest in trying to get this shit on stage culminated sometime around the turn of ‘85-’86 so I decided ( backed up by my own personal decision to make Bathory more elaborate in the studio ) to skip that whole idea of taking this act onto a stage. Since then people have been trying to convince me to go on a stage every damn week . Therefore I couldn’t describe the perfect Bathory performance to you.

Is there a thing that you have, or haven’t done, with Bathory in the past which you regret now ? What one thing would you change now, looking back ?

- If I’d known then what I know today I would never have published any pictures of myself and I would never have done that video. I spent 25.000 SEK ( about US$ 5.000 ) out on my own pocket to pay for food for all involved the renting of horses, armor for the knights and robes for the pilgrims etc. etc.... the petrol and car fees and so on ...if I had known that I wasn’t gonna be able to see one second of the nineteen hours of film we shot for the video I would never have had people talking into doing that shit. I have never seen it and never will. But I managed to get back the original master copies from assorted video channels in Europe and managed to burn them . I don’t think that there is anything more I would have done in a different way. Just small details such as paying more attention to singing a bit better and taking more time mixing the albums.

Where do you see yourself and Bathory in another 10 years ? !!!!!!!!!!!-SOMA

- Bathory won’t be around in ten years from now... I can’t tell you when the end will come... it could be possible that I decide to end it next month or in five years from now. Mind you I thought I was never gonna be able to write metal again after « Twilight... » and the fans will be the judges when they hear « Requiem » to decide whether I have or not. As for myself in ten years... I don’t know... I hate living really and just live for every day. I have no plans for the future and just a few goals in life but when they are accomplished I really don’t know what to do with my life.

OK, take your mind to a different setting... you are sitting in a bar and meet someone... things move along and you mention that you are a musician... they are clueless to this and ask about your band(s). What do you say ?

- Let me tell you a real story to give you an example of how private I can be. I met this pussy ( or girl if you like ) and still after we had been going for a while I still hadn’t told her about Bathory. But whenever we went shopping and passed the CD department and she went off to look at the stuff that interested her I’d be off checking how many Bathory CDs they had left since that last time around. She’d know from my smile later on that I had been over there somewhere checking up on my bands’ CDs and she’d be really frustrated not knowing shit. I don’t know if that answers your question but that is as close as I can come real life.

Anything further you’d like to had ?

- Just that... I wish that all the folks that has ever been into Bathory at some time during the eleven years we have been around have had patience with us changing so much and sounding so different from one album to another... once they began to like us we changed you know. Check out the new album and judge us from there . And also that everybody who’s been around for all those years supporting us even if so just in their hearts cheers to you all mates !

Thank you for answering this inquiry... it is an honor and a privilege to feature you in these pages... Hail ! Any final words ?

- Well, what can I say... I hope that you can use these answers and that you will enjoy the new album. Unfortunately there are no photos to send you at the moment... we haven’t even thought of that ... we reckoned that the album cover would do. We wanted to let the music do the talking this time.


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