16 03 2006

post tour





Just returned home last night after 6 weeks of epic journey. I'm exhausted and it's good to be back, however successful the tour was (very). I'll be shutting down/off for a while now.

Hail to all of our comrades, supporters & the curious who came out to the concerts the last months. We are grateful for your connection, energy and presence. Thank you for allowing us to do this sort of project at this scale. We stepped it up to a different level in all ways and it's empowering that people followed and the success we have enjoyed. Hail!

Portugal was gorgeous and an amazing perfect ending for it. Have you been to that country? I was really surprised. We played at Casa De Musica in Porto, a huge symphony/theatre space there... ultra modern designed by the dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and built less than a year ago. It was a great experience.

Here are some photos of the building

More soon with more news, livedates etc.

Next O))) aktion will be an all Moog set at the Domino Festival in Brussels on April 9. Boris will be supporting as well. Seldon Hunt & I have a showing of a 6 piece art series titled EET at the fest also.

Last day in Porto pics...


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