04 10 2012

Portrait of Malefic/XASTHUR/Scott Connors backstage in Barcelona on SUNN O)))s 2006 tour of Europe


Photo by Mark Deutrom.

Seldon refers to this tour (together with our comrades EARTH) having been "a total hellish nightmare" or something similar. Yes there were many many many many strange events. 10-12 people on a german tour bus. A submarine of madness for nearly 6 weeks. Many stories, video, photos, recordings, memories lost and remembered.

But we did survive and fortunately many, but not all, of the people involved are still friends. O))) lineup was Tos, Scott, Mark, Greg and myself, Randall on sound. Earth was Jonas (replaced by Don part way through), Dylan, Adrienne, Steve. Other hangers on / buddies (aka "merch sluts") were Andrew, Sylvia, Toby. And very special guests Seldon and Scott's young girlfriend, who's name I have forgotten, certainly accented the extreme polarities of personality in the touring party. As well as 2 strange bus drivers and Enrico squatting the bus for a few nights in Italy. 

Wouldnt trade experiences like this for anything. 


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