08 08 2013

New designs/releases on IDEOLOGIC ORGAN: SOMA003 Iancu Dumitrescu LP & SOMA017 Ai Aso LP



Looking forward to the next 2 releases later this year on my Ideologic Organ imprint (via Editions Mego), and here are their sleeves...

SOMA003 Iancu Dumitrescu "Pierres Sacrées / Hazard and Tectonics" LP (October 2013) 
SOMA017 Ai Aso "Live over again" LP (December 2013)

We've just released SOMA016 Ákos Rózmann "Images of the Dream and Death" 3LP this week, and SOMA012 Okkyung Lee "Ghil" LP (recently released in June) has been receiving a great reception!

You can order both of those titles and a few of the remaining pieces of the rest of the catalogue, and find more information on Ideologic Organ here:


Thank you very much for your attention and support with this endeavor.


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