21 06 2013

Natural SUNN banner and waves sighting


From: Pete Nelson
To: Stephen O'Malley
Subject: natural SUNN banner and waves sighting

hello i am a graduate student/research assistant studying insect diseases and their potential for applications as pest control. thats not important, but provides a little background for this interesting phenomena i observed. i recently finished a research experiment and as i was deconstructing the experimental arena when i discovered that a familiar pattern had formed on a piece of sheet metal. it seemed novel enough to warrant sharing. anyways, i'm a fan and want to thank you for the music and inspiration. pete


Thank you. What were the conditions of discovering this?
Is it an artwork or a phenomena?



it definitely isn't artwork, but not exactly natural phenomena either. the experimental set up for the research required that aluminum baking pans, similar to those used for baking a turkey, etc, be placed in a reservoir made of sheet metal. the reservoir was filled with water and at the end of the experiment (2 weeks) i removed the aluminum pans and discovered that oxidation of the metal created the pattern. 



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