08 01 2004

More audient testimony:

"Sunn O))) placed me inside a room filled with dark brown Jell-O for 45 minutes. The Jell-O was being used as a medium through which I was able to directly receive a massive, targeted, continuous sonic ping (and its modulations) from a football field-sized nuclear submarine. The objective of the crew was to determine the exact shape, length, and size of my duodenum. Their mission was indeed successful."

"no problem I loved the gigs..but I have to say SunnO))) has sort of ruined live music for me a bit...after seeing the live set the bar for loud and heavy has been raised to a new level....everything else I'm afraid will seem well mundane...I cut a disc last night of the Khyber gig which I love...their is a great stretch in there around 35-47min were their was some ultra slow strumming together of the three of you...god it just kills when you all come down together..very intense..I cranked the levels on the end of the set so you can hear Greg scream and beat holes in the roof..very funny...after that I burned a disc of the Warhorse set which sounds like they are playing banjo's after listening to your set...it's just ridiculous"

"the low frequencies were toppling glass off of tables, it was nuts. i had sort of considered these guys in the 'earth did it all before' category, but they kinda run the ball in a more wonderful direction. some things you just have to check out to know for sure."

"i missed most of sunburned consuming either too much a)alcohol b)cigarettes c)pills d)women, i can't remember but i heard that they were pretty cool. but my god, sunn o)), shit man, i swear to god it was a spiritual experience. mind you, i was pretty fucked up but that shit totally rocked. i've never really seen a show like that before. i was just caught in the sway of this massive assault of sound that kept pulling me into and under. my eyes automatically rolled up to the 3rd eye point and occasionally my asshole fluttered (sorry to get personal) as i floated into an ocean of nothingness. heavy duty. anyway, thanks for the turn on."


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