23 09 2008

Metallica is not "good" again, dont believe the hype. Stop fooling yourselves. Listen to 3/4 Had Been Eliminated.

Correspondence regarding my anti-Metallica hype comments: "
Man I just gotta say that I had to endure the new metallica album at work the other day, and all I can really say is that it is the most inorganic compressed piece of 2 million dollar paper weight,coaster bullshit I've ever heard. When Cliff died that was it we all know it! Its such a goddamn joke these days. I saw Metallica open up for Armored Saint and Wasp back in the day and they were the shit! That dipshit Lars and that other guy with the goofy hot topic tattoos Hetfield need to cut Kirk a break and let him go. Then they need to take a look at the rest of their brethren who continue to kick out kick ass albums. People like Testament or Exodus when they are on their game.
Honestly though Motorhead still kicks the shit out of all those bands on a nightly basis! Cheers man and thanks for keeping it interesting! —Dr. War Diabolus " hahahah!


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