29 04 2005




Yes, Ladies and Mentalmen, It's MAYDAY...this coming Sunday If you happen to be accessible to the mission district of San Francisco, by 7PM - at Adobe Books [16th and Valencia ] and would like to partake in a celebration highlighting our beloved phallic symbol, please feel welcome to attend an event in honour of this time:

A lovely room filled with books, welcomes you in [I believe there is even going to be a bar set up], good souls surrounding and a short set of live music performed by a silver-lined two headed vessel which over floweth with potence::CHALLICE, Dana Kline (Flute/Vocals etc, Angela Means, Guitar/Vocals etc] First time performance! Yeah Spooky...But if you're a curious pal, bring a friend and a jug - raise it high and see in the night
with us!! I have succumb...We're very excited, we even have "band photos" that we took on bart yesterday.

PS: Anyone with metres of ribbon, who's into getting down around a telegraph/may pole should get there early to prepare. PPS: A nice extension of this evening would later be
enjoying sets by OCS, Nate Denver's Neck & Eric Landmark at the Hemlock Tavern from 9PM.

good & evil, light & dark, morn & eve, drink it all in surrounded by velvety gold soft to her touch.


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