16 03 2011

Lotus Eaters Wurmwulv 2xLP released!



from http://www.taigarecords.com/

TAIGA 15 - Lotus Eaters Wurmwulv 2xLP is available to order now & will begin shipping next week, around March 22. The vinyl has arrived but the Stoughton tip-on gatefold jackets are still being manufactured. There were 100 transparent cola bottle green, 300 opaque metallic silver & 600 black pressed, all on 200g virgin vinyl.

Wurmwulv follows the 2009 vinyl issue of Lotus Eaters Mind Control for Infants in spirit & form. Rearranged, remixed & remastered by James Plotkin, the Wurmwulv 2xLP also includes material from Lotus Eaters self-titled Drone Records 7-inch for an altogether new experience. Wurmwulv was direct metal mastered onto 3 sides & pressed on 200g virgin vinyl with a D-side etching by Aaron Turner. More Turner drawings are included within the Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket designed by Stephen O'Malley featuring spot varnish, flooded pockets and gorgeous Stephen Kasner cover paintings printed on linen-textured paper.


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