21 04 2010

Lithography printing of "Ololiuhqui's Resonation" (SUNN O))) related)




Timo Ketola is printing around 70 lithographs of the "Ololiuhqui's Resonation" motif which I art directed and commissioned for SUNN O)))'s Monoliths&Dimensions 2009/10 European tour posters. A lithograph is a print from a hand engraved stone block. Obviously Ketola's expert hand embellished the original motif into a piece of great skill, but he will further individualize each print by water colouring each print by hand. Watch this space for information on how to obtain one of said lithographic prints...

Here also is video on press from 1880 at Tipografia Grifani-Donati, Città di Castello. http://www.grifanidonati.it
Artwork & clip by T.K./www.tentacula.org


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