12 02 2011



Excerpt from a great interview with Wino from :



You keep going anyway. It doesn’t seem to hold you back.

It affects you, of course, but I’m gonna keep going. This is all I do. 50 now, It’s not like I’m gonna learn a trade or something. That’s one thing about it. Sometimes when I’m home, I see people walking around in the middle of the day and I catch myself thinking, “Man, wouldn’t it be nice to have a regular, stable nine to five?” but man, within seconds, I’m like, “Agh, this is what I do.” I enjoy it. I really enjoy it, but you’ve got to sacrifice a lot for sure. It’s a tradeoff. The thing about my situation, my karma or whatever, is you can bet your ass that the best gig, the best tour I’ll be offered, will be right on my wife’s birthday, or my son’s birthday, graduation, or something really super fucking important. It happens every time. Every fucking time. I’m gonna miss my daughter’s birthday in March on the Vitus tour. I missed my son’s birthday in October on the Vitus tour. I did a lot of touring in Europe. September all the way past the New Year. But like I say, I guess you’ve got to be willing to make those sacrifices. Most people are sane, and not willing to make those sacrifices, but you gotta carry the torch, I guess. It’s what I do, and that’s pretty much it.


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