27 03 2012

Leslie West on SUNN O))) @ Woodstock 1969


From previously-unpublished 1979 interview for Guitar Player:

What was it like playing Woodstock?

It was incredible, man. I was so scared, and I was going on with these 400,000 people out there. I got up onstage and I had my three stacks of Sunns, and Felix had his three stacks of Sunns. It was so loud! When it came time for my solo, our roadie hooked up all twelve of the Sunns.

Is this for “Blood of the Sun?”

No, my guitar solo, by myself. And boy! Twelve Coliseums at once! It was not loud – it was just the biggest, fullest sound. Because who could be loud outdoors? You know, the sound just goes. But this almost landed. This almost was that loud that I thought, “Wow! The man upstairs is talking!” It was so loud. It was probably magnified because I was so nervous. It was incredible, boy.

Mountain hadn’t been together that long before Woodstock.

No, it was our third gig.


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