23 11 2008



KTL IV will be released in January 09 on Editions Mego, you can preorder the CD version now if interested. Its also going to be distributed in North America through Forced Exposure and UK/Europe via Kudos. This is the first [non-live] KTL material recorded outside of the context of theatre & film sound design/soundtrack work. 6 tracks, about an hour. Art below. Illustrations by Demian Johnston. Album recorded and Produced by Jim O'Rourke in Tokyo September 08. Atsuo/BORIS plays total SWANS batterie on the absolute excruciating track "Paratrooper" and gong on the faded smear blur of "Natural Trouble". Japanese CD minigatefold to appear in February on Daymare with a bonus disc of the demos we created for this album, in Paris 0808 (which was previously released as a small edition item for a gig in Tokyo at the time of recording this opus). Vinyl to emerge on Inoxia as a double 12" + 7" cut at 45rpm. Take it or leave it. Thanks to all the fine folks involved in this production.


Editions Mego website


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