16 11 2010

KAIROS film premier (music by Ambarchi/O'Malley/Dunn)

From film maker Alexis Destoop:


It's rather short notice, or too far to travel, but we're happy to announce the première screening of Kairos, which will take place Friday, November 19th at 19:00
as part of the NEXT Festival, at the Buda Art Centre in Kortrijk.

A 3-channel video-installation under the name of "Four Directions of Heaven", presenting material (photographs, music, text) generated throughout the development of the project will be running throughout the duration of the festival.


Hoping to see you there!

A & Aa

Kapucijnenstraat 10
8500 Kortrijk

screening times:

Fri 19/11 19:00 & 22:00
Sat 20/11 19:00 & 22:00
Sat 27/11 18:00 & 22:30
Sat 04/12 18:00 & 22:30


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