12 02 2011

Ideologic v2


After a few months of work, the new Ideologic has been finished. Although it may be the most mundane thing to update a website these days, we havent really done anything major to ours since the first posts back in 2003. Well, a few bits but not much. 

v2 allows searching from external engines like google, etc. Theres also a new store page in progress... the words section is much more organized and the discography has been linked to discogs.com. There are a massive amount of albums which Im listed in the credits, so bear with me while that section becomes more organized and edited.

This site can now be viewed on other devices, like phones, tablets etc... and a bunch of other features. And, theres no longer any flash.

Thanks to d[esign]Void for the great work.

And thanks for reading...




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