17 02 2014



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IDEOLOGIC ORGAN #7: Ai Aso + Norbert Möslang + Kassel Jaeger
Wednesday 2 April 2014
Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £10 adv / £12 on the door

Edition number of 7 of Stephen O'Malley's Ideologic Organ series featuring Tokyo's Ai Aso, Swiss somposer Norbert Möslang and Swiss-French artist Kassel Jaeger. Ai Aso is a Japanese psychedelic pop singer-songwriter whose work brings a level of fragility and hypnotism to the stage recalling lost memories, small flavors of COIL and serial playing on the verge of evaporation. Since the break up of Voice Crack in 2002, Norbert Möslang enlarged his practice to cover all noise and experimental practices, from lo-fi “Everyday-Cracked-Electronics”, saturation/overdrive work, performance and improvisation, field recordings and multi layered ambient-noise composition. A member of the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales), Kassel Jaeger crafts densely beautiful electronic collages of deceptive intensivty.


Tokyo’s Ai Aso is a Japanese psychedelic pop singer-songwriter whose work has a whisper-thin acid folk quality to it. She started performing as a solo singer around 2000. Her solo work, infrequent collaborations with White Heaven members You Ishihara and Michio Kurihara, Yurayura Teikoku, and Boris bring a level of fragility and hypnotism to the stage recalling lost memories, small flavors of COIL and serial playing on the verge of evaporation.

As for her recent activities, she has performed on bills together with Sunn O))), Boris, Masaki Batoh (Ghost), Touri Kudoh, Kim Doo Soo, Mark Fry, Simon Finn etc.


For over 30 years, Norbert Möslang is making the world sound. He does not use things as instruments, but rather captures their vibrations. He immerses himself in the hidden world of vibrations and convert them into loud sounds and thick textures. Living simultaneously in spheres of inside/outside, micro-vibrations, spacial structures, underground music venues, art galleries, underwater, glass windows, body movement, precise equalizers, insects microcosm and electronic devices, Möslang constructs a fascinating and infinite world of both philosophical and physical power.

Möslang’s music achoes clearly Brian Eno’s words when he says : « the idea of music as a highly physical, sensual entity – music free of narrative and literary structures, free to be pure sonic experience. And the idea of music as a highly intellectual, spiritual experience».

Through interconnecting heterogeneous everyday objects; linking the outside sound environment into a quiet art museum by fixing microphones to its windows; filming the underwater Venice’s canal in order to set off never ending imagery flux; allowing a movie to play its own sound track by triggering photo-sensors; Möslang proves to our entire nervous system that the world we inhabit is no more than infinite continuum.


Kassel Jaeger is a swiss-french composer and theorist. He’s a member of the Groupes de Recherches Musicales in Paris, France. Kassel Jaeger’s works are a complex balance between concrète experimentalism, ambient noise, and electroacoustic improv. His works are released by Editions Mego, Senufo Editions and Unfathomless. He currently collaborates with Giuseppe Ielasi, Stephan Mathieu and Akira Rabelais. He also runs the tiny Antisolar label producing small-run endless loop cassettes tapes in series.

His last album, Toxic Cosmopolitanism is out on Editions Mego since March 2014.


O'Malley is a founding member of several groups including Sunn O))), Burning Witch, KTL, Khanate. He has collaborated with a variety of artists including Greg Anderson, Merzbow, James Plotkin, Julian Cope, Joe Preston, Attila Csihar, Peter Rehberg aka PITA, Lee Dorrian, Kristoffer Rygg, Aaron Turner, Oren Ambarchi, Alexander Tucker, and percussionist Z'EV.

O'Malley also worked with the French choreographer and theatre director Gisèle Vienne, American sculptor Banks Violette, the Italian performance artist Nico Vascellari and the Belgian film maker Alexis Destoop. He also curates the Ideologic Organ label.



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