17 11 2009


Review from Sanna via email, via Hartwell.

"Went to Gravetemple, it was amazing. I think it was the loudest thing i've ever seen...if that makes sense?
I smoked a little bit of weed before and had a couple of cans and halfway through, well kind of near the end, i started to feel really hot. They had these white lights shining directly onto the audience that were getting warmer and warmer...and they were getting louder and louder. ANyway to cut a long story short, i started out in a cold sweat and fainted onto some dudes leg! Mark thought i was just chilling down there...dufus...so didn't help me up till the guy was looking at me weird.
I've only fainted once before...fucking weird.
I'm kind of stoked i fainted at that gig and not something gay...though today i do feel a bit like a false.
You should tell stephen, i'm sure he'll appreciate it. I kind of think that's what they were going for anyway but i was really surprised i was the only one. Could have been amazing if everyone started dropping off."


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