22 11 2007



[no.signal] proudly presents - a first class line-up of acts ranging from nearly silent acoustic guitar compositions (with the first show by Japanese master AKIYAMA and French Electronic/Guitar composer BOGHOSSIAN) to loud drone tones with Oren AMBARCHI and Stephen O MALLEY (from SUNN 0))) ) passing through the percussions of Z'EV blend with chords of David Maranha's OSSO EXOTICO and lower case instrumentations with electronics.
[no.signal] @ Redrose Club
129 Seven Sisters Road N7 7QG
£8 http://www.wegottickets.com/event/23664
info: www.no-signal.net

- Oren Ambarchi (AU) + Stephen O Malley (US)
First performance of this mind blowing duo a day after their performance as SUNN 0))) with Boris.

- Osso Exótico (David Maranha + Patricia Machás) + Z'EV
First live collaboration between Portuguese formation Osso Exotico and UK-based Z'EV tribal percussionist launching their new album on CONTOUR.

- Mark Wastell (UK) + Joachim Nordwall (SE)
Premiere of new works from Sound323 lowercase/improv master Mark Wastell and IDeal Recordings boss Joachim Nordwall.

- Tetuzi Akiyama (JP) + Herve Boghossian (FR)
Special one/off and first time duo showcase of classical guitar and improvisations.

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