29 06 2004

GINNUNGAGAP Return To Nothing


Sleeve for ltd CD pressing of Flux Factory performance in March featuring Gerrit, Tim Wyskida & myself. Gerritt's MISANTHROPIC AGENDA label is doing the honors. This CD will be will also be offered for sale directly through this website upon release.

The word GINNUNGAGAP is strange but the meaning is great. In the Norse mythology/cosmology GINNUNGAGAP was the void/blank area at the beginning of everything, which sat between the forces of fire and ice. It split the formation of extreme matter and consequentially the universe was born from its absence of anythingness. What I like about this idea is the metaphor to nuclear fission & partical dynamics, as well as more philisophical matters. Hope you do too.

A few months ago I decided to have a title which could act as an umbrella for any collaborations I am involved in, this helps for marketing aspects and presents a bit of continuity somehow amongst various releases dedicated to improvisation and experimenting. I have released a 3" CDR under this name (which will come as a 12" later in the summer) & am doing a compilation track now, and have done one performance under the name in London. All of this collaboration represents material as a result of a collaboration between different people equally... while keeping it loose. The people involved so far have been Steve Pittis, Fritz Welch, Dawn Smithson, Rex Ritter, Daniel O'Sullivan & Holy McGrail. This is not a O'Malley-centric idea, but again I like the idea of a title for the groups to sit under, to act as a unit more than individual... where the sound is more of an individual entity brought forth by the people involved rather than the opposite.

More to come...


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