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We were happy to attend a conference/book release last night at the Palais Tokyo in Paris, for the fog artist (and our colleague) Fujiko Nakaya.

 Fujiko-san's fog sculptures' prime relation to the contact with natural experience belies the intensity of their structure and scientific planning. Most importantly they encourage a contemplation with phenomena and encounter. They are works you can experience not only on classical sculptural terms but also by touch, hyper-ephemerality and a sensation of detachment from the exoteric, deeply fueling the poetic imagination through immersion.

Japanese publisher anarchive released a completely comprehensive/exhaustive print+DVD+DVD-ROM catalogue of her works including planning, video, all sort of data and maps of locations (all of the pieces are large scale and many are in permanant installation). Somewhere between land art, meteorology and performance. A beautiful editon.

Fujiko-san has installed a new work in Lille this past week which is now on permanent display at the Fantastic 2012 event. The work is a permanent installation! Please see this if you are passing through. It is directly next to the Lille Europe train station, immense and beautiful next to the Rem Koolhaas tower. 

Fantastic 2012 is a huge city arts/etc festival with some things you should try and see if you have time: beside the tremendous permanent fog sculpture from Fujiko Nakaya, there is a very interesting a Bosch & Breugel show, Huang Yong Ping installations, Nick Cave sound suits, etc. There is a long art festival/series of events/performances/concerts that runs through the autumn...

—S. O'Malley 10/12    


Anarchive n°5

Sculpting fog is a decidedly unusual art. Fujiko Nakaya is its pioneer. This first comprehensive monograph presents more than fifty of her Fog Works created for public spaces all over the world, as well as her video works and paintings. The artist's texts and drawings, archive items, videos and previously unpublished essays by French and Japanese authors, document this exceptional art approach, which reinvents the meeting between art, science and technology. A DVD-Rom and a DVD Video include some rare videos by the artist, as well as a substantial filmed documentation about her Fog Sculptures, from the famous Pepsi Pavilion in 1970 to the most recent ones in 2011.

This publication includes a book, a DVD-Rom and a DVD Video

English / 日本語 / français

à paraître en septembre 2012
to be released in September 2012


Auteur et direction artistique/ 著者・アートディレクション/ Author and art director: Fujiko Nakaya
Direction éditoriale et scientifique/ 編集および調査研究/Editorial direction and research: Anne-Marie Duguet
DVD-ROM : Conception graphique et programmation/ グラフィックデザインおよびプログラミング/ Graphic design and programming: doubleNegatives Architecture
Documentation et assistantes de production/ 資料作成 と製作助手/Documentation and production assistants: Sayaka Shimada, Hiroko Tasaka
Collaboration/ 協力: Myra Y. Lotto, Christophe Leclercq, Urara Nakamura
Remerciements spéciaux/ 深謝/ Special thanks to: Françoise Bertaux, Yukiko Fujimoto, Julie Martin, Yuji Morioka

Avec le concours de/ 後援/ with the support of:
Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, France
CNC (DICREAM) Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée

Avec le soutien de/ 協力/ with the support of: 
Japan Foundation, Tokyo ;
Centre national des arts plastiques (aide à l'édition), Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, France ;

Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Laboratoire d'Esthétique Théorique et Appliquée) ; 
University of New South Wales, Sydney (iCinema Research Center) ; 
[ars numerica] ; 
Fondation pour l'étude de la langue et de la civilisation japonaises sous l'égide de la Fondation de France

Production/ 製作: Anarchive en collaboration avec/ 協力/ in collaboration with Processart Inc.

©2012 Anarchive,/Fujiko Nakaya


for private use: 39€ 
for institutions and public use : 100€ (+frais d'envoi)

ISBN 978-2-9518132-2-9

Les presses du réel 
35 rue Colson, 21000 Dijon - France

in Japan : 
Processart Inc. 株式会社プロセスアート


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