26 11 2008

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Cope’s Busking Tour: Manchester

I’m all blogged up, so in an effort to relieve myself I begin with the Archdrude’s visit to Manchester as part of his Joe Strummer Memorial Busking Tour which took in a whole series of historical sites of civil protest and direct action across the UK. In Manchester he played at the site of the Peterloo Massacre - something that doesn’t need much introduction (see here if you’re not up-to-speed), but requires a lot of remembering.

Amounting to an un-sanitised memorialising, replete with ranting and ritual, this was a short but fantastically poignant and entertaining set. As much as I find myself disagreeing with some (but far from most) of his psyche-heretical political sloganeering, Cope hit the right note this time - especially as the note was a ur-drone in A (probably). Three songs, finishing with ‘Pristeen’, and a minute’s silence for the fallen 15, the leather-clad Black Sheep were utterly brilliant and, as befits the protest being made, Sqwubbsy was back. I’m not sure what was more disturbing, seeing Cope’s seven foot alter-ego that close up or witnessing Big Nige on large drum, but both sights will linger on.

Visit this lot here who are campaigning for a “prominent, explanatory and respectful monument to this profound event”. I’m sure the Wessex one would concur.

Pristeen - from Peggy Suicide

I’m Living In The Room They Found Saddam In - from Citizen Cain’d

The Black Sheep’s Song - from Black Sheep

A video I took of Pristeen - apologies for the shakes, it was bloody freezing:


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