27 10 2004

ENSLAVED: The Greatest in Norway!



A reporter from the Norwegian newspaper Bergensavisen recently accompanied extreme metallers ENSLAVED on a fishing trip in Norway.

Fishing is ENSLAVED's favorite leisure activity.

"My personal record is a 113-kilo (appr. 230 pounds) fish," stated drummer Cato Bekkevold. "It took me 20 minutes before I had it in the boat."

But that is a record to be beaten in January when Cato is scheduled to go fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. And the goal is to catch a 200-kilo tuna fish. Bekkevold is also a regular contributor to fishing magazines.

ENSLAVED guitarist Ivar Peersen is also a notorious fisherman.

"When ENSLAVED needed a new drummer and Cato's name came up I must admit that I knew that he was not only a good drummer, but also an excellent fisherman," Ivar said.

"We are not into the whole image thing anymore, so beeing portrayed as fishermen is really OK," said ENSLAVED frontman Grutle Kjellson.


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