05 02 2010




DUST, composition for 3 violins, electronic, backtape & quadraphonic sound system.

Valerio Tricoli: reel to reel tape recorder
Elfa Rún Kristinsdóttir: violin
Ekkehard Windrich: violin
Steffen Tast: violin
The first Elektroakustischer Salon of 2010 at Berghain features Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic fame and Swiss composer Antoine Chessex.

Chessex presents “DUST”, a composition for three violins, backtape, electronics and quadraphonic sound. The acoustic textures and glissandi provided by the violins are processed in real-time by the electronics resulting in intense layers of immersive textures.

Mika Vainio will be performing a typically intense live-set incorporating the thick oscillator rumbles and deep-fried noise bursts that have been his trademark since the Pan Sonic days, through analogue techno variants on Sahko to the brilliantly sculpted works on recent album Black Telephone of Matter (2009).

Both artists are adept at working with the physical power of sound masses, something that should put the Funktion One system in Berghain to some good use.





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