09 06 2010

"Dreamlands" & Voice Crack




The "Dreamlands" exhibition at Pompideau is one of the the bleakest Ive seen in a few years.

The exhibition begins a bit out of focus; the illusionary "utopian" homogenous environment initially pioneered in early Worlds Fair (a great sexualized presentation in 1939 by Dali is covered) and Coney Island / Disneyland presentations. Continuing across the 20th century clear through to a loss of contact with reality, full on globalization, hollywood idealism, architectural misrepresentation/fantasy and finally Las Vegas and Dubai.

These two kissing cousins of monolithic reprogrammed desire, excess and beacons of hopeful artificiality come across so bleak and unnaturally that a film of Walt Disney explaining his enthusiastic plans for EPCOT center seems tender and genuine in comparison.

After this a rainy Paris afternoon walk home rewarded all of this with a VOICE CRACK marathon:

below beyond above


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