08 02 2012

DESCENT MAGAZINE vol 5 (1999) pdf free download


1999's "The Death Issue" (volume 5) of DESCENT MAGAZINE is now available on pdf for free download in the [media/shop] section.

Thanks to Kevin Yuen for helping get this well worn copy into PDF form.

"Interviews with: Angelcorpse, Blood Axis, Bethlehem, Brocas Helm, Coil, Control Resistance, Darkthrone, Der Blutharsch, Destroyer 666, Dream Into Dust, Enslaved, Ernte, Eyehategod, Genocide Organ, Stephen Kasner, Marduk, Mayhem, Orplid, Pentacle, Psywarfare, Boyd Rice, Tiermes, Turbund Stermwerk, Valefor… and hundreds of bitter and hateful reviews. The ultimate coup and probably the grail interview for Tyler and I was the SLEEP feature. We still worship at the altar of this band... more to say than many of the others featured. There was a time, once upon a time."


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