12 06 2011

DeMEGO017C Stephen O’Malley רומיאו Cassette



Stephen O’Malley

Part 2 of a 3 cassette series on [d]EDITIONS MEGO. SOMA's lucubrate excursion researching repetitive minimalist/primitive solo electric guitar is presented here in the form of pure abstraction and over-saturation. Recorded at the underground venue/library UGANDA in January 2011, situated in Jerusalem's new city. רומיאו projects one man's personal encounters within Jerusalem's "old city" walls for a repeated time: the intensity, dementia and absurdity of the human condition; the magnetism & repulsion of Solomon's ruin; encountering primitive arcane spiritualism & beauteous living passion; and being affected & subjected by these encounters.

Romeo (40:09)

‏Stephen O'Malley : Guitar ‏Recorded at Uganda, Jerusalem seventeenth January two thousand eleven
Salute: Itamar, Uri, Gisèle, Ola, Ilan, Maya, zaf, Doron, Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria, O.B.E.Y. brothers, Sonne Adam, Pierre, Rehberg and Demian Johnston.
‏Artwork by unknown & Alexander Binder
‏Listening instructions: focused, intently and without distraction or other purpose.

Edition of 250 copies



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