30 12 2012

Clive Hicks-Jenkins "maquettes"







"I've developed a technique of making three-dimensional, articulated paper maquettes as part of my preparation for painting at the easel. These fragile little works are pieced together quickly from thin card, cut and then worked in frottage, monoprint, conté crayon and acrylic. The puppets are held together with hidden, brass paper fasteners. They're my way of 'playing' before I start the serious work of painting. After the maquette stage, come the drawings, of which I make many, then the painted studies, and finally, if the subject matter survives the process, the paintings. My studio is usually full of maquettes. I find them to be essential to the process of preparation. Sometimes they swarm across the walls, changing daily as I add and subtract elements. Any visitor might be misled into believing that I'm an animator rather than a painter. 

Clive Hicks-Jenkins. 2008"


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