25 09 2008



The long lost 4th KHANATE album "Clean Hands Go Foul" will finally emerge later this year. This was recorded directly after the Capture & Release album at Bisi Studio Brooklyn February 2005.

LP Hydra Head December 2008
Picture LP Trust No One December 2008
Japanese papersleeve CD Daymare January 2009
Digipak CD with bonus Capture & Release live DVD Hydra Head February 2009
digital download Hydra Head February 2009

Unearthed shot of the Guitar rig used on the recordings. Funny thinking about the legacy of amplifiers. that 2000S is the "bass" amp in the Kindertotenlieder production now and appears on the first 2 KTL albums. The two Model Ts have been used extensively live by Boris and OM the past few years. The white Model T was given to me by Dave Catching from Queens of The Stone Age in 2000. Hail the mighty amplifier! The Travis Bean was sold to me by one of the Godspeed! You Black Emperor guitarists in 2000 also.


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