26 07 2005



The new KHANATE mangled epic Capture & Release will undergo a few preorder phases:

The picture 12" version is available for preorder through www.trustnoonerecordings.com now. This is limited to 676 copies!

The digipack CD will be available for preorder in a few weeks from www.hydrahead.com in a pair of package deals. One will contain the digipak CD and a preorder only tshirt, the other will contain the digipack CD, the preorder tshirt and a limited edition (of 200) 19x25 2 color on black paper silkscreened poster designed by Seldon Hunt. Poster design is below.

The KHANATE dead + Live Aktions DVD will be released through www.hydrahead.com in the next weeks as well, and will likely also have a preorder scheme/package.


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