26 02 2008



So, Plotkin alerted us to an old rehearsal recording CD I had burned for him ages ago... thanks Jim. We put the tracks up for download on the "dropcards" page, so everyone who has one of the edition 2CDs from Southern Lord with the card for downloading the 1996 demo and live material will also be able to access these 2 tracks as well, for free.

BURNING WITCH rehearsals
1) The Bleeder 1996 8:47
2) Warning Signs 1997 6:55

You can also download a jewelcase CD design for your downloads to print out here, design by myself, with liner notes by Jamie "Boggy" Sykes".

This is ancient history. But there are many historians out there ravishing this particular period.
Revel in Dahlquist's bass tone on those rehearsals!


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