26 04 2012

Bill Herzog (The Sweet Hereafter, Nightcaps, SUNN O))), Altar, Citizen's Utilities, etc) fine upholstery blog




Our comrade Bill Herzog recently started a blog about his advintures in vintage furniture and reupholsterey. The man is also known and loved as "The Mayor of Seattle", here's another reason why:


Bill plays bass on the ENSEMBLE PEARL record alongside myself, Michio Kurahara, Atsuo and a few guests (Eyvind Kang, Timba Harris). Album was recorded in Tokyo at FLASH studios late 2009 and finished/mixed with Randall Dunn at AVAST! in Seattle this March. Currently in trust with Bob Weston for mastering. That album should hopefully be released later this year, on a yet unspecified/undecided label. In fact we havent played it for any labels yet! One step at a time...


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