27 08 2008


Here are two short extracts of an exceptional record of Russian choral work (which includes anonymous ancient liturgical chant, popular folk songs, and music by well known Russian choral composers, such as Tchesnokov and Gretchaninov), introducing some of the lowest voices in the world. The two singers here are Vladimir Pasuikov and, with an even lower voice, Viktor Wichniakov, one of the most famous Basso Profondo, who are unique to Russian singing. Their vocal range is at least one octave below the normal bass range (think Paul Robeson). In the first extract the bass hits the low Ab1; in the second the bass hits a G1. Not only do they possess the lowest notes of any choral singer, but the soloists have such full voices that the effect is immediately striking.
Enjoy those exceptional samples of the magnificent Russian choral art!


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