24 02 2014

Archeologist SUNN O))) fanmail






Hello SOMA

Joshua again ! the Mexican archaeologist, I've written a couple of times in the past, once from Italy prior to one of your concerts in Ravena ( i sent picture titled cook vs sunn o))) ), another time from Mexico (with a picture with my arm-sunn- tattoo and my dog) and maybe another time that quite remember ...

Well, now, after a long journey through Europe studying ancient cultures, I have returned to Palenque (in Chiapas, México), one of the most important  Mayan archaeological site. Every year, I'm here to work on research about prehispanic ceramics, also to excavate some contexts; last year i was here to to help to dig a royal tomb, mortuary chamber, a tomb of the Maya Early Classic (350-500 AD) ...

if you remember (or maybe not) in photos of previous emails, I have the logo tattooed on my forearm. And then i write just to share you some pictures of my tattoo at the context of the royal tomb of the Maya at Palenque (in Temple XX), my special work clothing (to protect Maya Cinnabar poisonous) with  sunn o))) logo and some others...

Maybe is not important to you know this, but enjoy it so much, i enjoy every day learning about the past, between ancient artifacts, listening the jungle sounds, also every day accompanied of the music, obviously with some of your stuff, in my cell phone inside the tomb, trying to put a soundtrack in my ambient moments. 

It's amazing, think about the multiple meanings of the sounds, in the plural of music. It's like reading a book, everyone does their own reading. So what is important? Does the author or the work? perhaps both, but also the individual.

Incredible that sunn o))) made music that now crosses borders, but rime borders, and travels in time, and now, an archaeologist uses it to relax while digging the remains of a pre-Hispanic past and identity

enjoy the pictures and a little part of my work as much as I enjoy digging and listen to some of your work .

..take this, its for you...just to “compartir este momento de los mayas antiguos, los actuales y los del futuro”, because archaeology also social movement! Construtivism! Its raw ! but also “desconstructivismo”……anyway

take care and hug

 Joshua Balcells



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