11 09 2013

Antisolar ∞ endless loop cassette series



From: http://www.kasseljaeger.com/antisolar-series/

Antisolar ∞ series is a small-run endless loop cassettes label.

The artists invited present a piece specially designed for this format.



These cassettes are handmade one by one. It's a lo-fi product. These type of cassette may not work on every cassette deck since they have no sprocket/teeth. (it should work fine on a vintage two-head design cassette deck. But, for example, it doesn't work on Nakamichi LX-3 or Tascam 122 mkIII). The cassette is meant to last around 10,000 cycles = 500 hours. But you never know. A tape is a tape.

10 copies is not much. But it takes a lot of time to build them.

The cassettes will be available exclusively here.
Only one copy per person.
The release date will be only announced here.

Antisolar ∞ 1 Kassel Jaeger "Endorheism"
Antisolar ∞ 2 Stephen O'Malley "Escalade"
Antisolar ∞ 3 Discipline "Telex #2"
Antisolar ∞ 4 TBA
Antisolar ∞ 5 TBA
Antisolar ∞ 6 TBA
Antisolar ∞ 7 TBA



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