21 02 2012

Another O))) tattoo victim


"Greetings Mr. O'Malley,

First of, i would like to say that i've been a fan of your work in Sunn O))) for a long time. Your album Black One very much shaped the way in which i approach the concept of music today, and for that i am eternally grateful.

I recently tattooed part of your logo on my left arm. I chose this motive not because it was part of specifically your logotype, or the logotype of your amplifier brand of choise, but because it to me acts as a representation of the phenomenon of audio in a most aesthetically pleasing manner. As i researched the motive, i stumbled upon your personal website and a couple of fan pictures with different variations of Sunn O)))-themed tattoos with accompanying text explaining your "tattoo policy", granting them free entry to any Sunn O))) concert. I write this letter mostly with the intent of sharing my motive with you, it's partial originators, but i do wish to verify if this policy is still valid. Me and my friend are planning on attending your show with Nurse with Wound in London on the 12th of June, and i am looking forward to it very much, with or without this privilege as i have already purchased a ticket.

Yours sincerely,
Tobias Backman
Stockholm, Sweden"

Anyone who does that to themselves is on our guestlist.

Thank you for the dead-ication



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