09 01 2004

Andy Lange





Andy Lange sent me snaps of this sculpture he created, slightly inspired by Alan Dubin's lyrics on the KHANATE track "Pieces of Quiet". In his words: "used the lyrics, "Under a bed, a leg and a saw, red teeth gnaw." and "Metal teeth red, red teeth gnaw, leg and saw." from "Pieces of Quiet" to make a visual interpretation. To give you an idea of size, the wooden base is two and a half by three feet. The sculpture is tentatively titled "Believer." It is made of wood, paint, foam, fabric, cast beeswax, sheet metal and a saw. It also has about an 18 minute long looping audio track that plays through speakers hidden in the mattress. The audio was composed, performed and recorded by myself."

Andy Lange can be contactedhere


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