30 09 2005


split issue.

The new issue of Soda Pressed is out now. It?s a special issue split with Big Dead Thing zine, a new a weird art and scrawl venture. It?s 96 pages long and features interviews with Stephen O Malley (Sunn0))) / Khanate), Sam McPheeters (Born Against, MRP, Wrangler Brutes), Lightning Bolt, Allan Macdonell (longest running editor of Hustler magazine) Tom Hazelmyer of Amphetamine Reptile Records, Will Munro and Load Records. It also features drawings and articles by Al Murphy, Kapreles, Tado, Kevin Rutmanis, Jeffery Lewis, Rob Ryan, Raphael Lopez, Gary Taxali, Jody Barton, Showchicken, Josh Taylor (Friends Forever), Lucy Canter, Jon Owen, John Biddle, Mick Marston and Zeel.

Copies can be ordered by cheque, paypal, or well concealed cash. It's $5.00 to the US and £2.00 within England (each includes P&P). Will send copies anywhere, send an email to ask. Please post stuff to Soda Pressed, 42 High Street, Edlesborough, Dunstable Beds, LU6 2HS, England. The paypal account to pay into is; psychesonic_angel@hotmail.com.

Please email sodapressed@hotmail.com


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