27 06 2005


All 3 members of the band are requested to answer the interview if possible. Thanks!
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Here are the questions I would like to ask each member of Boris-

1. When you were a child, did you have a favorite Anime, Manga,
or live-action super hero TV show?

T: Yes, Masked Rider, Devilman, and animations with giant robots like Boltes Five, Convatler V.
Also Space Iron Man Kyodain, One Seven (17).
And I can't ignore Gudam!

W: I don't remember much... Ginga Tetsudo 999 (Galaxy Train 999), Uchu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato), Gundam, Hokuto No Ken... something like that.
And I was into Cowboy Bebop several years ago.

A: Too many to pick up.
In Japan we had 4 or 5 new hero shows every year when we were young.
It would be more if we include animations.
We grew up watching uncountable heroes and animations unknown outside of Japan.
Japanese are crazy, more than non-Japanese think.
We still watch this kind of programs today, not only in our childhood.
You should watch GAOGAIGAR and La Fillette Revolutionnaire UTENA.

2. Did you have a favorite robot or super hero toy you played with as a child?

T: My grandmother used to buy some when I was a kid.
Such as a super alloy of Getter Robo.
After I became a schoolboy I always bought plastic toy-model kits of Gundam from my pocket money.

W: Something like a super alloy of Robocon. I loved "super alloy" toys.
I also made a plastic toy-model of Gundam

A: I often made plastic toy-models too. My parents used to scold me.
I remember I made a Godzilla. I made the Diet Building too and let my Godzilla destroy it.
GAOGAIGAR's toy is still my favorite.

3. Has any Manga or Anime influenced the music of Boris?

T: I don't think they influenced directly, but they might occupy large part of our memory and mind because we came through them in our impressionable childhood.
For example, appearing scary monsters, or heavy story became trauma.
And cool theme songs!

W: I think they did. Combining, transforming, flying speedy, going space.

A: They are the roots.

4. Do you like Kaiju? Do you have a favorite Kaiju?

T: Zetton and Jamira. I prefer Kaijin rather than Kaiju.
I had always loved anti-heroes since I was young.

W: Well... No.

A: Too many to pick up, again.

5. Do you like Godzilla (Gojira) or any of the monsters in the Godzilla

T: I didn't like Godzilla so much. It was too popular.
I liked minor Kaiju or Kaijin, something unbelievable concept and design.
Obscure things excited me.
Not a lovely kid I was.

W: I have not seen Godzilla very well so I don't know.

A: Forget about Godzilla. Did you see Gamera?
Last Gamera was awesome. You have to watch it.
I remember I watched it with Joe Preston in a movie theater in Japan.

6. Do you collect anything?

T: Now I collect frog goods. But never girly fancy ones.

W: Frog goods. But I don't like real frogs.

A: Interesting images, animations, experimental movies, and so on.

7. How old are you?
8. What is your favorite song on Akuma No Uta and why?

T: Ibitsu. Because we didn't have that type of songs before.
I still feel freshness when I play it.

W: Akuma No Uta. No specific reason.

A: My favorite is Ibitsu too. Environment of music I grow up is condensed in it.

Chad Hensley


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