10 04 2003

Escape to NY


Returned from the notor/victorious European jaunt of SUNN O))) monday, to welcome concrete and glass canyons. Thanks to all who helped out and attended the gigs. The tour was very satisfying and successful, a psyche enabler and validator. We appreciate the pilgrimmage to our temple for ritual solar mass. Gracias.

Special thanks to the following individuals:
Brother in arms: Greg AnderSUNN < Vincent (the roadie formerly known as Monster) < TOS < Rex Ritter < Joe Preston < Attila Csihar < Peter Rehberg < Russell Haswell < Sean & Rob of Autechre < Barry & Helen ATP < Tony < Andreas < Rhiz in Wien < BORIS < Troum < TPOG < ISIS < Lee & Jules < Phil Be(a)st < Hecker < Black Lodge < all else whom support. Hail!

Now a word from our playlist 1004
Kevin Drumm Sheer Hellish Miasma
Autechre Rex mix cdr
Autechre 7.30
Coil live at ATP
Boris live at Underworld
Troum Symbiosis
Abercrombie/Holland/DeJohnette Gateway
Corea Now He Sings, Now He Sobs
Fontanelle Style Drift
Jesse Sykes & Sweet Hereafter Reckless Burning

more later...
SUNN O))) at ATP w/ Csihar/Preston/Ritter


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