30 08 2007



Jet lag 2007 part 23.

Back in Kyoto after a week in Berlin.

Kindertotenlieder had great success with 2 performances at Tanz im August Festival. KTL also had a pretty punishing one off gig at the Festsaal Kreuzburg, and we even managed to get some Deutsch history in (museums, beer), socializing with the likes of Best, Balthazar, Vainio, Nilsen, Nine, Hilde etc. Good times.

Next up in SOMA: KTL vs Australia and Japan in September. Cannot believe I will be playing both Perth and Niigata for the second time in six months. Saturation? In any case for the tour we created an edition of 300 live CDRs of the KTL performance from Luminaire in London last May, with Russell Haswell as guest. We should also have the tour shirt, etc and hopefully wax of KTL2 2LP and KTL 3 12".

Somehow KTL and the Kindertotenlieder piece seem to be dominating the Autumn schedule. Scandinavia in October, Nottingham, France, Belgium, Holland, etc. There is also talk of supporting Earth on the February 07 tour (along with Sir Richard Bishop wowowowow!).

SUNN O))) have the forges stoked and theres some serious casting going on the end of the year in the form of the 7th album and a few select dates.

BURNING WITCH "Crippled Lucifer" will finally see the light of the lord in late November. This will consist of a double CD containing all works recorded during the September 1996 "Towers..." and March 1997 "Rift.Canyon.Dreams" sessions. 10 tracks in all. Eventually we hope to amend this with a proper vinyl issue as well. Working on this design now.

The audio for this summer's Banks Violette show at Barbara Gladstone (which I created with vocalist Csihar Attila and engineer Randall Dunn) will emerge as part of said gallery's catalogue of the show. This will be in the 12" vinyl format. 7 dubplates have been created so far.

I'll be participating in the 24 hour drone project in Stockholm next February together with Mika Vainio, CM von Hausswolff, Henrik Rylander, BJNilsen, Hild Sofie Tafjord, C.Spencer Yeh, Hildur Gudnadottir, Mark Wastel and Joachim Nordwall. Very much looking forward to this as well!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading. I plan on working this blog a bit more the coming weeks.


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