18 07 2007


from Tonton Mahood

NURSE WITH WOUND, live Paris Trabendo 8.6.2007

What a crazy night... 15mn after PATTON / FENNESZ, it was NWW's turn. It is their first performance in France (and how many in the world from their beginning..? Maybe 10?). I must say that NWW was maybe the band that initiated me to "difficult" sounds 15 years ago. And, more recently, I discovered krautrock and its extraordiary word thanks to Steve Stapleton too.
In such a case, you're really afraid to be disappointed : I imagined Stapleton alone with samples and a mixer and nothing more. But it was far from that : a 10 meter long table with so many things that I cannot describe them (guitar, sound generators, toys, bikes etc... almost everything played live, except the drums), 4 guys (Stapleton, Collin Potter and??) + David Tibet singing on the first and last track, + legendary french underground musician Jac Berrocal singing his own track "Rock'n roll session".
In this 1 hour long performance, you'll find everything we like in NWW : gloomy atmospheres, threatening but sometimes funny sounds, industrial attacks and "groovy" kraut rythms. Extraordinary night (but my pirate tape may not translate the tension we had during the show).
Enjoy it here.

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