25 01 2007


DEICIDE Drummer Arrested For Bank Robbery In Austria!
Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 10:03:47

Floridian death metal stalwarts DEICIDE were detained today (January 25th) in Innsbruck, Austria for.... Bank Robbery. Deicide drummer Steve Asheim got up early this morning to make a trip to the bank to deposit some money from merch sales when the bank staff became suspicious of his appearance and the fact that much of the money was marked with red dye. Staff immediately called the police who swiftly arrived and took the Deicide drummer down to the station, suspecting that he had been involved in a recent bank robbery in the area and that he was handling stolen banknotes. Questioned for a number of hours, Steve explained the banknotes were legitimate proceeds from touring, and that he had a leaky pen in his pocket which was responsible for the money's discoloration. Innsbruck Police were eventually forced to release Steve without further charge.

Deicide appear undeterred by the incident and will perform tonight at the Hafen club in Innsbruck as scheduled and continue with the rest of the European/Russian tour:

25 - Innsbruck, Austria at Hafen
26 - Essen, Germany at Zeche Carl
27 - Sneek, Holland at Het Bolwerk
28 - Vosselaar, Belgium at Biebob
29 - Hannover, Germany at MuzikZentrum
30 - Berlin, Germany at SO36

2 - St Petersburg, Russia at Port
3 - Moscow, Russia at Tochka
4 - Krasnodar, Russia at Orbita


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