15 11 2006

Hey check this out:



Lead story at pitchfork today – so you’ve probably already heard, but we wanted to congratulate you ourselves. Picked from a pool of your peers, you beat out a large number of amazing candidates. This year’s ballot is the strongest so far and we are happy that you are a part of it.

So for those who haven’t heard...we wanted to give everyone a heads up – 3 nominations for Southern Lord in this year’s PLUG Independent Music Awards. The music community has shown overwhelming support for these artists and the contribution you and they all made this year to the independent music world.

Now it's all up to your fans, who will be voting through January 27 at http://www.plugwards.com. They pick the winners each year and we announce them at the PLUG Awards show in NYC each February, the big event this year is planned for Feb 10 @ Irving Plaza – our line will be announced very soon.

Thanks and congrats!

greg | PLUG

Link is here to see the ballot and this year’s nominees: http://plugawards.com/general_vote.php

Metal Album Of The Year
Boris “Pink”

Metal Album Of The Year
SunnO))) & Boris Altar

Avant Album Of The Year
SunnO))) & Boris Altar



Amazing. I listened to "Drift" last night and it floored me. Again. Love it.


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